basics to invest in

one thing i have learned over the years is to invest wisely in basics that will be a continuous part of your wardrobe.   if you're going to spend money on clothes, i recommend spending it on basics.  higher quality pieces will last you a lot longer.  it's the old saying "you get what you pay for"   the below mentioned items are classics that every girl should own.

 the importance of basics is simple, the items below are meant to  work hard with other pieces in your closet.  items that you can change the look of easily with accessories. styles that you feel comfortable wearing. the importance here is having a solid foundation for your wardrobe that will not only save you money, it will spare you agony and time when getting ready.  it will also keep you stylish.   here are our favorite "investment items"



throw all the rules out - confident girls set their own rules.  wear white denim all year around.  nothing grabs attention and is as crisp as a pair of white jeans in the winter paired with a warm fuzzy sweater.  obviously no girl should go through a summer without white denim jeans on heavy rotation.  jeans, shorts and jackets!  girls .... move them all up to the front of your closet, because white goes with absolutely everything you own.




what girl can say she doesn't NEED a tote bag to haul her life around in?  mine is filled with makeup, notebooks, my ipad and just about everything i may need while out and about.  so many times i am going right from work to a night out, so for those occasions, i throw my smaller handbag inside my tote for an easy transition. loving the trend of a silk scarf tied around a straw tote in the summer.   i may or may not be guilty of owning several of totes.  #obsessed  



not only is the denim jacket timeless and versatile  - it is a mandatory piece of equipment to keep your wardrobe running.  today's style is whatever you want it to be, but right i am especially loving the cropped destroyed styles that offer an edgy look to any outfit.   i also love to add a sparkly and unexpected to brooch to the collar - a fun way to incorporate your own personality. 



this item will always be in style and will work in numerous ways.  wear it casual or dress it up by adding a blazer and a statement necklace.  this is your most essential item for layering.  find one that fits your needs, tight or loose fit, crew, v or scoop neck - doesn't really matter, what matters is that you find the style that makes you most comfortable and that you will wear often.



the lbd is a closet staple.  find one that flatters your figure.  throw a blazer over top and wear it casual to work.  style it with that denim jacket mentioned above and some cool white sneakers to look cute while running errands (because you never know who you'll run into).  and of course, fancy night out.....grab that lbd and go to town with your fancy shoes and accessories.  the lbd will get you through a million and one occasions.  this is where i have fun with my shoes!



black trousers are your answer when you need to dress up a blouse or sweater.  this classic item is a foundation piece that  you should stock up on.  pick your favorite styles, slim, boot cut, many options. i prefer a lightweight wool that works both in summer and winter.   



my pick for a skirt is knee-length or slightly above the's sophisticated and will stay in style much longer than a trendy mini or maxi.   choose one that fits perfectly and gives you a slim appearance.  depending on your body type, it can be a-line, pencil or skater style.  figure out which style works for you and look for a good quality fabric that will last you years.



i can't have enough of these, however i have learned that spending my money on a good quality sweater makes most sense here. cashmere is a great idea, however can be very pricey, so go with a nice cotton fabric that won't wrinkle or pill up.   cardigans can be worn year round.  sometime when restaurants or the office get a little too chilly, it's great to have a cardigan handy.



perfect choice in shoes for just about anything - well, not so much daisy dukes 😬.  black pumps won't get dirty.  they go from day to night.  always a classic and easy choice with any outfit.  



studs go perfectly with everything you own.  they are the classy compliment to all of your clothes.   no one should leave their ears bare!   in this case i like to wear a smaller size stud - just because that is my preference certainly doesn't mean it should be yours.  do what makes you feel confident and beautiful.



absolutely everyone should own at least one pair of killer denim.  so many styles, so pick one that feels comfortable and flatters your figure.  we are working on a blog post coming soon that suggests the best denim styles for your body type.  stay tuned  


*all of the photos have been pulled from the web and are meant for inspiration.  we have similar looks and styles in the boutique that will work as perfect foundation pieces in your wardrobe.